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Carruth Capital, LLC is a privately-owned, well capitalized commercial real estate firm with over 3 million square feet of space under ownership. We are one of the largest Landlords in Massachusetts with over two hundred twenty (220) tenants occupying forty (40) commercial buildings.

In today’s competitive real estate market, vacancy rates are up, and rental rates are down. Carruth Capital, LLC is currently enjoying below market vacancy rates for the markets where we operate. Some of the more notable reasons for our success are as follows:

  • Our properties are debt-free, enabling us to offer very competitive lease rates.
  • We work with tenants through their growth cycles as well as their down cycles. We continually offer larger (or if necessary, smaller) spaces to companies to accommodate growth, whether in the first year of a lease or the last year of a lease.
  • Because we are privately and locally owned, we are able to make quick decisions and act creatively to structure leases to benefit all parties.
  • We are not a fee-based company. Our goal is to preserve the value of the asset for the long-term, not to extract fees for short-term gains.
  • Our investment strategy is for the long term. We expect to hold the properties for generations to come. Therefore, we maintain and upgrade the properties as necessary.
  • We self-fund all construction and transaction costs – no matter how large.
  • Our properties are located at or near major routes and highways.